Friday, February 26, 2010

Superhero for Hire

Judah has been really into Word Girl lately. He watches episodes online at He dreams up elaborate trips and adventures that they will take together fighting bad guys and mean robots. He's even invited me to join him on these trips, which I guess I should feel pretty flattered about considering that I'm his mom and I might cramp his style. Anyway, he saw Steve's Team Tri-Fit "calling cards" (business cards) the other day and said that he wanted some of his own for his Superhero work. So I set to work and quickly put together a superhero business card for Judah. I used some of the design elements from the Mr. Incredible Valentine card I had made for him to make the process go more quickly...since he was standing over my shoulder saying, "We're NEVER going to get these done!" Anyway, if you ever find yourself with a bad guy or mean robot hanging around wreaking havoc, don't fear...Super Judah is here!

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