Sunday, May 22, 2011

Cassidy, the Dog with 9 Lives

On Friday, Judah came running into the house frantic and upset. When I asked him what was wrong, he motioned me to come out on the deck and then, through his crying, told me that Cassidy had jumped over the side of the deck. For those of you who have never been to our house, you're probably thinking, "big deal" but our deck sits on top of our garage and is probably a good 15-20 feet off of the ground. Anyway, my heart sank and I prepared myself for the worst as I walked over to look over the side. I imagined a crumpled pile of broken yellow lab laying there in the grass. Instead, when I looked over the side, she wasn't there. I frantically looked over the other side thinking she had jumped on the driveway side (even worse) but, again, no Cassidy. Next thing I know she's coming up the steps with only a slight limp. After looking her over and giving her a big hug, I thanked God for this little miracle. After things calmed down a bit, I got the whole story from Judah. Apparently, a squirrel (Cassidy's arch enemy) decided to prance itself tauntingly along the ledge of the deck and Cassidy's natural hunting instincts kicked in. The squirrel jumped into the adjacent tree to safety while Cassidy--suddenly realizing she wasn't born with the same jumping and climbing abilities that her nemesis was--did a Superfly Snooka from the top rope (sorry, family joke). Thank you, God for protecting Cassidy from this fall...and from running into the sidecar of a motorcycle driving 40 mph...and from overeating to the point of stretching her stomach to 4x it's normal size...and...and...and. I'm beginning to think she'll outlive us all. We love you, Cassidy, our little furry girl.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, she definitely knows the inside of the vet's office and vet E.R. "hospital". She has been such a blessing to me. Mom