Thursday, April 24, 2008

An Overnight Away

Steve & I took advantage of Grandma & Poppy's free babysitting and took off for a 24-hour escape. Don't get me wrong, we love hanging out with the J-man but it's good for us to get away occasionally too. We spent a few hours having lunch at an old pub and lounging outside at a coffee shop in our favorite little town, Truckee, CA. It was an incredible day--75 degrees and sunny. Gotta love it! We then drove to another fave town of ours--Auburn, CA--to drive/walk around and have dinner and margaritas outside at a Mexican restaurant. We spent the night in Auburn and drove to Folsom Lake the next morning for Steve's debut DUATHLON. Steve did GREAT at the 4 mi. run, 13 mile ride, 4 mi. run. Finishing in 1 hour 33 minutes (4th place overall!). It was another spectacular day--80 degrees and sunny! We drove the 2 hours home feeling relaxed and revived, having spent some much needed quality time together doing some of our favorite things. We were sure glad to see Judah though and I think he was happy to see us too. Thanks Grandma & Poppy for being such great babysitters! We love you!

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