Thursday, April 24, 2008

What Judah's Up To These Days

Judah has become a real jabberbox. He is talking really well these days (I understand him pretty well anyway) and pretty regularly uses 5 word sentences. One of his favorite and well-used phrases lately is, "I do it self." As you can imagine, life can be pretty slow moving and frustrating at times with a 2 year old that wants to do everything themselves and makes that known to anyone within screaming range. He's got a voice and he's not afraid to use it! I'm sure the neighbors all think I beat him regularly because of his "frustrated 2 year old" screams. :) As a side note, I decided to take a break on potty training back in March. Life was just too crazy and the training wasn't going so well. We'll try to start up again in May or June. Judah still loves his cars and Leggo's. He likes us to build him towers and garages out of Leggo's so he can incorporate his cars into his play. Daddy recently made a sandbox for Judah and he LOVES going outside to play in the sand and walk around the backyard exploring. While he's out there, he frequently comes to the back door to bring me "fowfers." Usually they are dandelions but, hey, I've never had a man give me flowers so regularly so I'm not going to turn them away just because they're weeds! He is really a sweet and tender hearted little guy and we are so thankful God blessed us with such an amazing son.


brad, deb, kayla, & emma said...

Looks like Steve did a great job with the sandbox and that Judah & Cassidy are enjoying it! Though she's been enjoying the park more than indoor play lately, Kayla loves Legos, too, and can spend hours creating her own masterpieces. It looks like Judah's alot of fun and hopefully the loud outbursts will pass soon! ;)

Dixie said...

Well said.