Thursday, January 15, 2009

Judah's Imagination

Judah is now 3 (I'll post some birthday pics and video soon). He thinks he is a pretty big boy now that he "got 3." :) Along with being older, he has also become much more imaginative. He comes up with some pretty hilarious anecdotes these days. A recent exchange went something like this...

THE SCENE: Breakfast time and we are running late to go to the gym. Teri has been repeatedly urging Judah to finish eating his omelet.
Teri: Judah, come on and finish eating so we can go.
Judah: Mom, go away.
Teri: (a couple minutes later) Come on, Judah, finish up.
Judah: (picks up mushroom and holds it up) This a key, Mom.
Teri: A key?
Judah: Yes, a key. Judah lock you out!

I guess he really meant it when he said, "Mom, go away!". :)


jose said...

There have been key moments in Mateo's development that amaze me, but seem to be centered around being "mean."

That to say I'm impressed by his imagination.

Sloane said...

Great anecdote, Teri. I try to check your blog every couple of weeks or so, just to keep in touch a bit ... and to see how Judah is growing. Lots of love and hugs to all of you! ~Sloane