Thursday, October 29, 2009

Another "Boofy" Day

Today was a rainy, overcast, gloomy day. As Judah and I were driving home from playing in the play area at the mall, I heard Judah say from the back seat, "Thank you God for another boofy (beautiful) day." I giggled outloud and told Judah that he was cute.

Judah: Why did you say that, Mommy?
Teri: Because most people would not say that today is a beautiful day since it is rainy and the sun isn't shining.
Judah: But Mommy, the sun is shining. It's just behind the clouds.

What a great lesson Judah shared with me today. Even though things aren't always perfect and the way I want them to be, the SON is always shining behind the scenes. Thanks, Judah, for letting God use you to teach me a valuable lesson today. I needed that.

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Hartx6 said...

I heard on the radio the other day, "if your not looking at the gray clouds, how can you see the silver linings" I thought that was a nice reminder too.