Wednesday, February 27, 2008


The last couple of months Judah has been occasionally calling me "Teri" instead of "Mommy." The first time he did it, he said it several times before I realized he was calling me by my first name. I even had to ask Steve if that was what he thought Judah was saying. What a crack up! A lot of times I'll call Judah "Punkin" or "Punkies." The other day, Steve and Judah were going out for a bike ride. As they pulled out of the driveway, Judah called to me from his bike trailer, "Bye Punkin!" I was laughing out loud as they rode away.


Michael said...

Too cute! Give Judah a high five for us! We miss you guys!

deb, brad, kayla, & emma said...

What a hoot... I love this age. The fits and sas discipate to show such a comedic side! and they're little sponges.

Kayla named her stuffed black dog, "Debbie" the other day. She told Brad that she calls me "mama" not Debbie, so it's okay for her dog to be named after her mom. At least it wasn't a black sheep!