Monday, May 19, 2008

Outfoxing the Fox

This morning Judah and I had plans to meet two other moms from church and their toddlers at the Sparks Marina to play at the playground and splash around in the lagoon a bit. As usual, we were running a bit behind schedule and Judah wasn't helping things any. I needed to do a last minute diaper change and he wasn't cooperating in the least bit. I finally said, "If you don't let me change you, we won't go swimming with Grant. Do you want to go swimming?" Judah then replied, "No." Figuring I'd challenge him enough to get him to cooperate, I said, "Well alright then, I'll go call Grant's mommy to tell her we're not going swimming with them." I then went to fetch my phone thinking that he would change his mind and say he did want to go. I brought the phone back to him and he wasn't budging on his decision about not wanting to go. The little stinker had called my bluff!! Plan B kicked in and I decided to distract him with the picture I have of him on my phone so I could change his diaper. It worked! I was changing him, I realized he had pushed some buttons on the phone and was talking into it saying, "Heyo (hello), no going." He said it a couple of times before I realized that he was pretending to call Grant's mommy to say that we weren't going. Judah definitely outfoxed the fox this time! We did go play with Grant and Annalita and their mommies today and had a great time, however.


brad, deb, kayla, & emma said...

It's good to know that it's possible to outfox you, Teri! That is too funny that he was making the phone call himself. He's getting SO big!

Rose said...

Ha, ha! I laughed out loud! "No going"!!! Hugs, Mom

Heather said...

It is just the beginning :)